Wednesday, July 23, 2008

To All of You Political Types...

This writing goes out to all of you "liberals" and "conservatives" out there. I'm going to tell you right now that those two labels have always confused me. Are you sure they don't mean "5 year olds"?

The more I watch TV or listen to talk radio (one of my favorite shows happens to be "Countdown with Keith Olberman"), the more I have to laugh at the childish bullshit that I hear. Most of the time, the childish behavior comes from the "conservatives".

Allow me, here, to offer some advice from someone who'd rather think on his own rather than to be told what to believe by certain radio or TV hosts. My advice....

"GROW THE F*** UP!!!"

Seriously, I've never heard such blatantly stupid shit in my whole life. And it only gets worse around election time.

Just tonight, for example, I'm watching Olberman and McCain is bitching about Obama and, for the umpteenth time in a row, getting facts and dates mixed up. Apparently his "Oldtimers" disease is getting the better of him. Well, this sounded to me an awful lot like when my girlfriend's kids were 11, 9, and 7 and arguing amongst themselves. Then, on another MSNBC program, you have people from each side going at it like teenagers. I hate to say it, but you conservative types seem worse than the liberals sometimes when it comes to whining. Hmm, perhaps Phil Gramm is on to something when he says we're a "nation of whiners".

All I ever seem to hear from these groups, who seem to trade off on whose worse, is "Waaaaaaah, he said something naughty about meeee!"

I just can't seem to grasp what's so damned appealing about either "group". The conservative thought process seems to be: "We don't like..*insert fun activity here* and think there should be a law against it!" The liberals always say... well, not much of anything, really, but they seem to have a little more fun.

I find it odd that people seem to take issue with a political candidate who takes the "middle" position on issues. Why is that? Can someone explain it to me... in plain American ENGLISH?

And, what the hell happened to just being an AMERICAN? I'm not talking about that "hyphenated-american" crap, I could do a post on that alone and just might! I'm talking about the polarization of my great nation into "Liberal" and "Conservative" and the idea, on both sides, that if you don't agree with their views, you are wrong! I've attempted to decipher the ideals of both platforms and the way I think falls 50/50 into both categories. So, would that make me a "Coniberal" or a "Libervative"?

Ah, I could give a damn, really. I'm just a free-thinking AMERICAN! Remember those kind of folks? We're the ones who really vote and should run things. We like to think for ourselves! We're the ones who question things! In short, WE'RE NOT SHEEP!

I'll leave you with this thought, with apologies to JFK (who, by the way, had as much "experience" as Barack Obama before HE got elected!):

Ask not how your country's gonna screw you. Ask how you can un-screw-up your country!

*Hey, if "Dubya" can make up his own language, I can too!*

Have a day!

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