Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gas Prices and Gas Bags...

You may want to sit down and strap in for this one. It's gonna be bumpy!

My television is emotionally abused!

I yell at the TV constantly when watching the news and seeing stories on the "gas crisis" and the shit economy.

Guess what, all you "economic experts"? THE ECONOMY IS SHIT BECAUSE OF THE GAS PRICES!!! Think about it, people! You always hear on TV how "nobody can pinpoint the cause of the falling economy". Hell, a chimp in the monkey cage at the damn zoo can tell you what the problem is (ok, so he'd be doing it in sign language.).

The entire cause of our crapped out economy is GAS PRICES! Use your brains for something other than skull-filler and think about it. The prices on all our food, clothing, and other goods has gone up because the price of shipping the shit has gone up because the price of GAS has shot up! It doesn't take a genius to see the connection, here.

And, thanks alot you market speculator ASSHOLES!! You people have singlehandedly run the price of oil up just to make you Rolls Royce payments. Grow up!

All you oil company monkeys are guiltier yet! You've gotten greedy and stupid. We're paying record high prices and you assholes are making record high profits? What color is the sky in your world if you think that shit is proper? I wonder how you jerks sleep at night and look at yourselves in the mirror everyday.

To you "greenfreaks", shut the fuck up! You all get on TV and say... "All of us just have to drive less, take public transportation, walk more". Well, guess what, Sally! That shit don't fly around my home! Here, where I live, in rural nowhere, USA, we HAVE TO DRIVE! That's right, plug your virgin little ears, we have to drive a MINIMUM of 20 miles one way to get to work. There are a lucky few who actually get to work in the town they live in around here, so don't try to sell me that bag of crap.

There is absolutely NO reason, whatsoever, for gas to be 4 bucks a gallon! Look at 9-11, for instance. After we were attacked, the government came out and made sure the prices didn't change. Then, of course, hurricane Katrina was used as an excuse to raise the prices. I call "bullshit" on that one, too.

And, don't we OWN the middle east by now? They're paying 40-some cents a gallon and we're getting it anally with no lube. Give me a reason for that crap.

What really pisses me off is when I have to take out a bank loan to fill the car! At least I don't have to get a "Sub-prime" mortgage!

As far as the dependence on foreign oil thing, I agree that shit is stupid. We have more than plenty oil here that we SHOULD be using. I just saw a story last week that there are leases already in effect on land by oil companies that AREN'T BEING USED! Someone explain the sense behind that reasoning? Please?

The whole thing smells like a cow's ass on a hot Saturday afternoon. You watch, though, the price will drop like a mortgage company's stock right before the election.

Well, this post has run itself outta gas. And, at today's prices, I can't fill it up.

*rant off*

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