Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm going "green"!

Yep, you, the reader, heard right! I'm going "green"!

I'm going green.... because I'm getting sick of all of this environmental "green" scare-the-people bullshit going around lately!

OK, before you all go filling my comments area with death threats and meannesses,let me explain just why I say this. This month's preview channel on my Dish Network is "Planet Green". Its a network of nothing but shows about environmentalism. As the great Eric Cartman would say....


I'll be the first to say that the human race is stupid. I won't argue that there is an environmental problem these days. I get that. What I don't get is all this scrambling around trying, in vain, to "fix" the problem created by hundreds of years of dipshit human behavior. Look at how our own North American continent faired while the American Indians were the ones taking care of things. Shit didn't go downhill until the Europeans got here and proceeded to screw it up. The Indians used everything from the buffalo they hunted. They ate the meat, tanned the hides for clothing and shelter, used the bones for tools, weapons, medicines. They didn't waste anything. They had a huge spiritual respect for "mother earth".

As far as climate change goes, guess what!? ITS THE EARTH, A LIVING PLANET, THE CLIMATE'S BEEN CHANGING ON ITS OWN FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS!!!!! Some of you hippies are awful damned arrogant if you think YOU can do any damn thing to stop it. Hence, quit trying! Personally, I plan on being dead a long damn time before the whole thing collapses. Who wants to live to be a million years old, anyway?

I will admit, I can understand the "green" building idea. I have seen on the network that some of the techniques save money for the folks who do some of the stuff. Saving money is quite nice. And I can understand trying to get vehicles to run on natural gas. I get that part. Pollution is a problem in big cities, I admit it. The main problem is that these cities have allowed themselves to grow unchecked for a couple hundred years or so, just because they have the space to do so.

If you take a look at the area I live in, the air is still very nice and clean. The sky is blue, the grass is green and plentiful, and the air smells awesome when farmers mow their alfalfa crops, or field grass. I don't like big cities, anyway, since people in general piss me off. Funny thing is, the biggest noise about "green" is made by those big city people. The greatest "environmentalists" alive today are........ FAMILY FARMERS!! These folks know conservation, animal care, hunting (and, we eat what we hunt, you animal rights morons!), and they know how to work the land so as not to fuck it up.

I also can understand the whole "organic food" movement. Which, again, should be credited properly to the family farmer. I'm not talking about the big "corporate" farms, we won't get onto that subject. I'm talking about ol' Farmer Bob down the road who uses good ol' fashion cow shit as fertilizer on the crops, and grows his animals without using chemical pesticides and shit. That kind of farmer still exists. Besides, the meat tastes a hell of a lot better than the shit you buy at the store. See, the "organic" thing is nothing new where I come from. And can we stop bitching about the whole methane gas business? Animals give that off everyday. Should we kill all the animals so they quit farting?

The crap I have trouble with is the whole garbage bitch. People suddenly want to recycle everything. Fine, for some non-biodegradable shit, but paper? PAPER ROTS TO NOTHING, YOU TITS! Was I the only person who watched "Life After People" on the History channel, or whatever it was on? They said, right on the show, that if people suddenly disappeared, which wouldn't really bother me, everything would basically return to dirt and trees. Even buildings would crumble and the concrete and steel, which both originate from earthly elements, would turn back to normal earth material. AND animals would come back stronger than ever. So, quit your damn worrying already!

Then, there are those goofy ideas people come up with! They put all this thought into inventing shit that, in the long run, won't solve one damn part of any environmental problem. Just makes them sound idiotic.

And, if you'd like to spew statistics, which are all I seem to hear on that channel, may I remind you that over 60% of all statistics are made up completely on the spot. If you think you need to quote numbers to make yourself sound smart, it means you probably aren't.

OK, I've had about as much of this topic as I can stand.

No fancy funny way to end this one, today.... Except to say that if stuff in my house "goes green", that means its time to throw the shit out!

*rant off*