Sunday, May 2, 2010

A comment on "humanity"

I posted this as a comment on another blog. I got "on a roll", so I thought I'd post it here, as well...

Everyone keeps screaming for peace. There will never be peace on this planet. Why?

Well, the way I see it, as long as there are living creatures OF ANY SPECIES on this big blue rock, there can't be peace. Humans aren't the only species who fight each other. Animals engage in conflict, as well.

Of course, the human way of waging war is brutal, but as long as people possess concious thought, free will, intelligence, and opposable thumbs, there will be fighting and weapons and death.

If you truly want peace, start by abolishing organized religion! Almost every war ever fought on this earth has started over religious differences. This, in itself, is rather hipocritical, and stupid. Those of you Christians who try to say "Our God is a peaceful God" need to actually READ your own holy volume! You Muslim extremists aren't even following your religion AT ALL! You Jews piss and moan about all of the atrocities that were perpetrated on you for thousands of years, while at the same time firing tanks and rockets at people with rocks.

The entire human race needs to grow up! Everyone knows that most, if not all, wars are nothing more than arguements over "dick size".

As far as all this "America bashing" shit goes, sure we have our problems as a nation. Most of those problems can be blamed directly on bullshit politics, corrupt and greedy politicians, and citizens who play "follow the leader" and choose to live like lemmings. But! If America sucks so bad, why do people from all over the world want to come here?

If you want to change the world so bad, get out and put in work, don't just get in to pissing matches on the internet. But, realize that there are certain flaws in human nature that will never be changed.