Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OK, I've pretty much had it with PEOPLE!!!

To borrow a phrase from a speech bubble from an old Charlie Brown cartoon....

Grab a snack, this one'll take a while!

I've officially had it with the rest of the human race!

I think I may start my own foundation. And I'll call it the "Institute for the Abolition of Complete Human Stupidity". I'd love to find one of those fancy acronyms for it, but what that would be escapes me.

I was watching the news this evening and I mentally traumatized my TV again. There was a story on about a couple that have a kid who is paralized as a result of her mother running their vehicle into a tree and being belted in wrong. Well, these parents think they should get money from GM for medical expenses because they weren't told how to buckle the child in properly. REALLY??!!

Have people in this country really been reduced to no-mind, morons who need to be told how to do EVERYTHING? These are the idiots who get the government to pass laws governing every aspect of our lives here!

Let's review the above story and look at the problem, here. Ok, the MOTHER hits a tree after not belting in the child correctly and now thinks that GM, which has it's own set of issues that we'll get to shortly, should pay years worth of medical expenses because SHE didn't know how to correctly hook up a seatbelt. Now, in my mind, logic would dictate that the whole thing was HER OWN DAMN FAULT!! Listen, mother! Write this down for future reference! YOU were driving the vehicle, YOU hit the tree with said vehicle, YOU improperly belted the child in the seat. Now, HOW IN THE HELL IS THIS THE COMPANY'S FAULT!? This woman must be one of the people who need the instructions on the Campbell's soup can, or the label on the toaster that says "Do not use this product in the shower."

It appears that we've become a nation of people who like to say...
"I screwed up, but I don't want to admit it. So I'm going to blame somebody else and sue and get rich." Look at the whole thing with people suing tobacco companies for relatives dying of cancer from smoking, or people who sue gun companies because their pre-teen, idiot, unsupervised children get in shootouts with cops.

I really can't comprehend what makes some people tick these days. Do they wake up in the morning coming up with ideas to avoid taking responsibility for the stupid shit they do? Now, if I went for a walk and tripped and hurt myself, I wouldn't go suing the company that made my boots, would I?

Now, back to the GM issue! This is really a commentary on just how much of a scam Corporate America has become. Look at what has happened this year. We had big banks beg the government for help with their problems and two major auto makers do the same. The problem here is that these companies were horribly run by greedy idiots who have as much business sense as a kindergartner and WE have to pick up the tab? In MY world, if you screw up on the job you get fired. Apparently, however, if you run the company, you can screw the whole thing up and expect a huge bonus all while turning the lives of thousands of people upside down. These thousands of people happen to be the good, hard-working folks who made your company all that money you blew on extravagant houses, foreign cars, and shitty product designs.

Now, there is good news from GM, I heard. They can't make the new Camaros fast enough to fill the demand! I've said this all along. If GM, and Chrysler, want to make money, they simply need to make cars that people LIKE! Doesn't seem that difficult, really.

Well, fortunately, my "idiot-induced" headache has subsided. Maybe I should sue the news company for giving me head pain. lol